Mar 15

Pagination links redirect to homepage on WordPress

When using pagination on homepage for custom post types, pagination links appear with proper order, but clicking on pagination links will make the user to redirect to homepage. Due to wordpress core redirect_canonical function handling pagination links on homepage problem. To avoid this we need to add filter function to stop this problem. Here is the code to stop such pagination redirection issues.

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Jan 07

Move / Show Out of stock products at the end in Woocommerce

Sometimes we will have few “Out of Stock” products and those comes up on top of product list, which make users hard to find proper product when there are few “Out of Stock” products and force them to navigate to multiple pages. So here is the simple script to move / show “Out of Stock” product at the end of product list in WooCommerce.

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Sep 25

Call to undefined function mcrypt_encrypt – prestashop

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_encrypt()

We will get this fatal error of missing library, while moving prestashop website to new hosting server or new server. There are two ways to solve this problem. Either we need to create / edit php.ini with below lines.

In linux

In windows


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Aug 17

[Solved] Joomla continuous .htaccess hack

I have Joomla website which was hacked and the problem was code created in .htaccess file to redirect to some website. After cleaning all .htaccess file inside the Joomla website, after every few minutes it was injected by same hack .htaccess code. Due to this hack code, if any user search and find my website in google, they will be redirected to some website. Because of this redirection we started to get bad credit from google and visitors to our website have been decreased in few days.

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